Analysis Of Batman Vs. Superman

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In marketing management, we learn that the characteristics of effective marketing mix possessed by a successful business in the modern world are to recognise the product, price, promotion and place first in response to challenges as they arise. This report will attempt to identify the strategy used by Turkish Airlines (TA) through analysis of the application of the principles listed above.

The yardstick for analysis will be the success in advertising of the company in question, with indicators such as similar tactics used in the industry, endorsement in terms of marketing, and how segmenting, targeting, positioning and differentiation (STPD) and the marketing mix, were used in question.

The subject of my report is TA, the official airline sponsor for the movie, “Batman vs. Superman” and the marketing project it took to promote the company through the hype of the movie. The following report will analyse the marketing behaviour presented in the above article that used such endorsements throughout the trajectory of the business career.

Marketing Research
The trait to bear analysis will be TA’s willingness to engage in calculated risk. This trait is easily visible to the successful operation of the venture, as a marketer must be able to seize upon opportunities for growth and development in order to maximise profit or the current market trend.

This is evident in the trend that TA have adopted, in the likes of placing itself as the official airline sponsor
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