Analysis Of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd

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Life is filled with challenges and conflict. However only a few can overcome and escape the confinements of their problems, others remain left behind to struggle. Sue Monk Kidd displays this with the imprisonment that Lily deals with throughout the book. While Lily does finds liberation at the end, she first had to break free from the imprisonments of her secrets, T-Ray, and the torment from killing her mother. Throughout the book, one of the major conflicts that Lily has to face is her secrets. Her life is controlled through the secrets and they put a mental strain on her life. They refrain her from living fulfillingly.[add a quote and back it up dude] However, Kidd demonstrates freedom when Lily confronts her problem by finally telling the truth. [add another quote maybe] By doing this, Lily is now able to not worry about shutting herself away with the world. [you have to wrap this paragraph up]…show more content…
With an uncanny resemblance to her mother, Lily is a constant reminder to T-Ray of everything that went wrong. But instead of letting Lily go, T-Ray confines her to the house and abuses her ferociously.[Insert quote and backing up the evidence her.] Even when escaping and growing comfortable in the Boatwright sisters’ house, T-Ray hunts down Lily’s location and attempts to drag her home. Only after Lily refused to abide to his requests and the ____ stood with her, did T-Ray leave her life for good. [Maybe add another quote
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