William T. Cavanaugh's 'Economics And Christian Desire'

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Being consumed: Economics and Christian Desire is one of William T. Cavanaugh’s books that contains four very powerful chapters in which a person can truly understand and maybe even relate in some cases. It’s all very self-explanatory and insightful. It is a book that is easy to read and offers many different theological perspectives when it comes to economics. About the Author: Cavanaugh is a Roman Catholic theologian and he is someone who is very interested in theological ethics and that is why he takes on the four subjects he does in the four different chapters of his book. He takes things seriously and also helps offer a Christian alternative. He is obviously very passionate about trying to offer a Christian or theological perspective since it…show more content…
As I mentioned above, I think the main target market or people who would benefit from reading this book will be people who are interested in the comparison between theology and economics and also people who are looking for a concise theological response to North American consumerist society. Message of Author: I think the main message that Cavanaugh tries to get through to the reader is that Christians should consider their beliefs like; freedom, incarnation and the Eucharist and take it seriously and commit themselves to the transformation of the principles of the free market. I also think that Cavanaugh achieved what he wanted with writing this book and being able to help people understand the comparisons between theology and economics and he also helps people to be able to change their consumer habits in a way that is wiser. We are told that Economics is the science that studies of the resources that are scarce and hard to come by. The very basis of the market is all about trade, to give up something precious in order to receive another precious
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