Analysis Of Ben Mikaelson's Touching Spirit Bear

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The story Touching Spirit Bear is a novel by Ben Mikaelson is a story set in present day Alaska. Cole Mathew was begin a mean kid and I don't share his ways of thinking . After reading Touching Spirit Bear Cole Matthew perspective changes because he hurts Peter Driscal, burns down his fortress and, he mouthed off to Edwin and Garvey even though he tries to find his true self and also tries to stay alive. He saw the world as it being a bad place and i don't se the world as that. No Cole Matthew's see the world as a bad place but his point of view changes throughout the story changes. Cole saw the world as that it was going to try to get him and he was trying to defend himself. Cole broke into the store and grabbed some items from the store for himself and he didn't want anybody to know about it. When he bragged about it to one of his classmates, Peter Driscal, Peter turned him in. In revenge, Cole beats Peter up very badly. Causing Peter head trauma and a permanent speech problem.Cole proposes that he choose Circle Justice instead of the possibility of being tried in an adult court, Cole immediately starts looking into the option.And then, Cole was taken back into juvenile detention. Then he was sent off to an island where he stayed and lived for a few months.…show more content…
He thought of all the things that his parents did for him like not love him, parents getting divorced and, for sending him to the island. So he poured gas on his fort and then light a match and burned his fort down. While his fort was burning he had regretted his decision of burning down the fort, and had to build himself a new one, or sleep with his at.óow on the cold hard ground. And slept there for the whole night getting eaten by
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