Analysis Of Beowulf: The Qualities Of An Epic Hero

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“A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down”. This quote is arguably true due to the definition of the word being “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. By this definition and quote a hero can be anyone who rise to the occasion when others are too fearful to do so. One thing that both the quote and definition share is that they mention or allude to the trait of courage. Although courage is a trait that everyone can possess what sets the heroes apart from the others is the amount or to what degree they possess the courage.

A hero cannot be a hero if they possess the amount of courage as the average human being, to be a hero you must be considered extraordinary not ordinary. Beowulf exhibits mastery of this trait given the trials he willingly faced head on without hesitance. When all others not dare to even considered facing the trials he does Beowulf charges
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One of the qualities of an epic hero is facing supernatural foes that not just the average man can defeat. Beowulf holds up to this standard defeating Grendel and his mother, Grendel being described as “a powerful monster”(Beowulf) and his mother being said that “no Geat could have stopped her”(Beowulf). Beowulf certainly qualifies to be an epic hero underneath this category and plenty more too. Not only did he defeat supernatural foes but he had supernatural assistance on his journeys. Beowulf had fate or the “Wyrd” on his side practically calling him to be the hero that was needed in these situations. “If that shining woven metal had not helped- and Holy God”(Beowulf), this is a prime example of the works of his supernatural help for he surely would have died from Grendel’s mother attempts to impale him had it not been for his supernatural

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