Analysis Of Beowulf's Rise To Become A Hero

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Beowulf’s rise to become a hero was a long journey that took nearly a century of leadership and bravery. The well known poem, written by an unknown author, tells the story of the great leader’s journey. Beowulf’s journey allowed him to meet and hear stories of some of the greatest kings in the area. Some of those kings may have been considered heroes to the common people. Beowulf was also unfortunate to have to meet some of the greatest outcasts during his time. The motives that make Beowulf the hero he developed into in the poem would be his burning passion to live up to his peers highest expectations, and to look past the difficulty of any task to take on the challenges thrown his way. Beowulf’s first challenge is the battle against Grendel. Then, he defends his honor by taking on a fight with Grendel’s mother. The final piece of his legacy is his battle against the dragon that claimed his life.
Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, was not expected to be the next king. In fact, his uncle was the king of Geatland before Beowulf took over. Ecgtheow married into the royal blood; therefore, he did not have much of a chance to become king. However, he was a famous warrior-lord that was known all around the world. Beowulf 's uncle, Hygelac, had one son Heardred and a daughter. Beowulf became an exceptionally well known and respected hero which allowed him to make his way to become king. Beowulf 's journey to become a royal king took many years.
As a hero, Beowulf
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