Better Together By Jack Johnson Analysis

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“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within” (Baldwin, n.d). Within a relationship having deep secrets can be seen as lying, but if you tell your deepest secrets to who you love you will take a weight off of your shoulders. Throughout the song “Better Together”, Jack Johnson uses irony, paradox and imagery to show how an impossible love became possible just by working together. This love became not just any love, it contains relationship goals everyone desires. Through the song Johnson makes clear his point of view and wants to persuade others to believe in love.
Not every relationship starts in the perfect way because you can never fully know a person. The author uses irony to show how their dreams of being in a relationship started as dreams and ended being real, tangible things. When Johnson says, “Our dreams, they 're made out of real things” (Ronson, 2005) this means if someone wants true love they have to work on it to make it happen. The perfect way
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Well this same idea happens in the song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, when Johnson states “Like a shoebox of photographs” (Ronson, 2005). This imagery makes you visualize someone getting back old memories that were part of their life that they have previously forgot. When you open a box full of pictures that gain you great experiences of love you can begin suspecting that a delightful love existed and you are equipped for bringing this sort of adoration back. In the song, Jack may use this imagery to bring things back; it’s making you imagine this shoe box full of memories. Getting memories back can be a great thing, it brings so many emotions back that this will make you think about your future. In this case, it’s talking about this couple, they have so many memories togehter that just thinking about this beautiful times makes them want to create more of
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