Analysis Of Bhagat's The Three Mistakes Of My Life

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When she comes to know that her husband loves some other woman of Delhi, immediately breaks her relation with him and goes to Chandigarh with Esha everlastingly. Other novelists might have discovered the creases within the makeup of the smiling faces. Bhagat has traced the shocking causes of the dried up tears in the glowing eyes of the people of the glamour world.
Bhagat’s The Three Mistakes of My Life is a novel of the gloomy passion. It records the sexual courage of the woman character. It unites the three friends to preserve the national talent, Ali. This is the first time when an Indian writer in English has elevated his characters above the trifles of the society such as casteism, religion and respect. Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan portrays the horrible realities of the division. It projects the Hindus and the Muslims slicing each other in the name of religion. Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable focuses social humiliation Bakha suffered due to lower caste. The novel in hand primarily focuses on the venture of three friends –Govind, Ishan and Omi. The trio has promised to portray Ali as the approved cricket talent of India. Govind is the narrator in the novel. He is the strategy maker. He is the artist-man in true sense. He believes in himself and his capability. He loves to do what his conscience allows him. He has been
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It is based on the social and amorous actions of two chief characters –Ananya Swaminathan and Krish Malhotra. The novel is first in its content, which attempts to join not only two states but also two traditions and cultures. It deeds to signify the people of the nation only as Indians not as castes, religions, and states et cetera. This is the only thing the novelist ventures to carry to the youth of his country. He advises the youth to fix marriage on the criterion; physical symmetry, education, and financial position and gender skills. He advises one should find in one’s match four
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