Analysis Of Black Beauty: The Autobiography Of A Horse

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Points of view, how can they be told? The passages from "The Georges and the Jewels" along with "Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse" are developed using first person. They help the development in the main characters. Their traits and how they act make the characters more understandable to us. "George and the Jewels" has the narrator inform us that she cares more than just hurting a horse when they disobey. Her father thinks that and also that it's just about treating it, so it would be sold later on. There is nothing else that occurs in a relationship with him and any other horse. In paragraph 10, it clearly states, "I don't know why she did that, but now when Daddy tells me that horses only know two things, the carrot and the stick, and not to fill my head with silly ideas about them, I just remember that mare (she had a star shaped like a triangle and a little snip down by her left nostril)." To clarify, the father doesn't think…show more content…
A humane would not know how this feels so the author made it from a horse's point of view. The passage makes it easy to believe that putting these things on is very uncomfortable too. It states, "Those who have never had a bit in their mouths cannot think how bad it feels; a great piece of cold hard steel as thick as a man's finger to be pushed into one's mouth, between one's teeth, and over one's tongue, with the ends coming out at the corner of your mouth, and held fast there by straps over your head, under your throat, round your nose, under your chin; so that no way in the world can you get rid of that nasty hard thing; it is very bad!" If it was told at a human's perspective, then it would not be the same. It is better to hear from the horse itself to get a better idea of how it's like to have a bit put on, without making
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