Similarities Between Richard Wright And Esmeralda Santiago

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Richard Wright and Esmeralda Santiago are two complementary American writers. Although coming from two different backgrounds,both writers show a outstanding similarity in there young lives. Each has written about their obstacles as young idealist,Wright wanting to become a writer but is discouraged because he is African American. Also Santiago wanting a better life for her and her family but opportunities are scarce due to her background. A close examination of the way Richard Wright expresses tones throughout the memoir “Black Boy” And the tones expressed in the memoir “ When I Was Puerto Rican” By Santiago reveal how both writers emphasize the emotional struggles as depicted through hardships, and how perseverance lifted them through life.…show more content…
In particular she says “At least you could step outside every day without somebody trying to kill you” Also saying “I hate my life!” Santiago introduces her frustration, and by doing so she conveys tone much like Wright does. Handing the reader a front row seat into her young selfs misfortune. Although they reveal their struggles as young dreamers, both writers present hope towards the end of there stories,which in turn lets the reader experience the triumph over their hardships granted to Wright and Santiago through persistently
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