Analysis Of Black Like Me By John Howard Griffin

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In the book, Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin was about a man who went on a journey to experience discrimination and racism first hand. I believe just because he changed his skin color for only 6 weeks he did truly experience racism first hand. Now most people’s realization of racism and discrimination from back in the 1800’s with slavery and blacks being used and sold like tools. John Griffin experience someone being lynched to death, white people taking all the good jobs and gave the Negros little to no jobs to work at, and, Negroes weren’t aloud to have or use the same things that whites got to 2 U.S. Code § 1311- states that anyone of any race has the right to be employed, and the civil rights act which means anyone of any race has the same rights. In the book, Griffin was looking for three days…show more content…
42 U.S. Code § 2000a states that people should prohibit discrimination due to race, religion, etc. If a white man was walking down a street and a car full of Negros sped past and were throwing things at the lone white person, they would go to prison for attempted assault and probably battery. This shows how unfair the justice system was due to the fact of a person’s skin tone. Griffin had walked into a public restroom a on the walls there were posters and phone numbers on pictures of young African American girls so that when you would call that number you would hand over a Negro girl and would sell them for either sex or work (Griffin 83). This shows how mistreated Negros were, even if it were rape, white men would still use them for their own pleasure. Negros knew not to look or speak to a white woman in public nor private. (Griffin 68). They knew that some how some way they would get charged for some stupid reason even if young black women were being
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