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Brian Carbajal Professor Rains ENGL 1113 March 04, 2018 Arkangel Privacy, independence and specially exposure are the most important things we are taking away from kids. This generation has less privacy than previous generations but that could be used for good or bad depending on who is getting a hold of this information. With the current technology; parenting is, without a doubt, easier due to the ability to install cameras and track the location of your kids and see everything they see on their phones. A great show that portrays the potential dangers of future technology is Black Mirror. One major problem that is presented is how much exposure and privacy a child needs and deserves from their parents. Arkangel, the second episode in the fourth…show more content…
Even though Sara doesn't show signs of anxiety, she also doesn't show emotion which is a big problem for a child. She doesn't know how to react when her grandfather is having a heart attack while her mom is at work. He clearly asks her to call for help but Sara, as well as the audience, doesn't know what he is saying because he is blurred and muffled to "protect" her emotions. When she is taken to the cemetery to mourn her grandfather, she just sits on the opposite side of her mom to show the contrast of emotions. Her mom is obviously crying but again her face is blurred and muffled so she doesn't know how to react. Instead of consoling her mother, Sara just picked up pretty leaves. At school, other kids do not want to be around her because she is emotionally unattached to everything. They are afraid that Sara's mom will see them do something through the chip. Sara's peers find her and her mannerisms bizarre compared to them since they are being exposed to everything Sara is…show more content…
She begins to become comfortable to the things that scared her before, such as dogs. She learns that they are not as dangerous as her mom depicted them to be. It contrasts what she could have already learned from when she was younger. The implant was noticeably turned off too late in her development. She shows no remorse when she's lying to her mom about where she's going. Her expressions are extremely exaggerated and abnormal compared to other kids. In her desperation of wanting to experience everything she has been deprived of, she asked a guy that no longer attended her school if he could get her drugs. This leads her to have unprotected sex with him while she is high on cocaine. Instead of protecting her daughter, Marie blinded Sara as she now has an unrealistic view of the world. Furthermore, to show how important exposure is at a young age, the episode ends with Sara beating up her mother because she is continuing to be too controlling and then walks the street until she gets into a stranger's trailer. Had she been exposed to things as a child, Sara would know better than to get into stranger's vehicles. She literally does the worse thing we are told not to do, get in a stranger's

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