Discrimination In Movies

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Destruction, poverty, and violence are just a few examples of discrimination that the Black community had to go through during the 1960-1980’s , and are all similar issues portrayed in the films “Black Power Mixtape” and “Do The Right Thing”. Both films have their own story, but both reflect on the racial injustice Black citizens faced, while also educating viewers on the violence that occurred during that time through riots, and police brutality. Each film comments on African American experiences of racial injustice by telling a story of pride and power, while also demonstrating destruction, brutality, and violence throughout the Black community. The famous film directed by Spike Lee “Do The Right Thing”, focuses on racially diverse individuals who live and work in a lower class neighborhood in Brooklyn,…show more content…
In “Do The Right Thing”, there are many racist stereotypes portrayed by the characters, and show destruction towards the neighborhood consisting of trash talking, police violence, and riots. This same concept is also portrayed in “The Black Power mixtape”, where many Black activists explain how African Americans fought for their rights through the help of the Black Panther Party that started in Oakland, California. Both films illustrate the struggle African Americans went through, and shows that even with all of the violence and brutality, they still had pride and power. The issues portrayed in these films are extremely important because they highlight cultural differences and problems that still go on in the world today. Racism is still very present in todays society through out all races, and police brutality is still a huge issue that may only get worse. There are still racist stereotypes, violence, and trash talking through out every culture, which is why it is very important to be educated on the
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