Analysis Of Blacks In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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People do not get to pick the color of their skin, yet skin color has caused great hardship for people in the world. Nobody gets to pick who they are, what their race is or what kind of environment they will come into when they are born, if they could I 'm sure the world would not be filled with hate or or discrimination. The novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by author Mildred D. Taylor, is an excellent example of historical fiction which despises the many struggles blacks endured in their fight for civil rights.
There were many unfair schooling complications between white and blacks. During a conversation between Little Man and Miss Crocker, Little Man shows such disgust with Miss Crocker and argues with her book choice between the color
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White and blacks are not friends because of segregation. Papa is telling Stacey about why blacks are not friends with whites " 'Far as I 'm concerned, friendship between black and whites don 't mean that much ' cause it usually ain 't on a equal basis. Right now you and Jeremy might get along fine, but in a few years he 'll think of himself as a man but you 'll probably still be a boy to him, and if he feels that way, he 'll turn on you in a minute ' " (Taylor 157). This shows that blacks could not be friends with whites. Good friendship is hard to find. Stacey is faced with a hard decision. Stacey thinks Tj is a good friend but he is defiantly not. There is Jeremy a white kid who gives him a flute for Christmas. Tj and the Simms boys are not real friends. I think Tj wanted some attention and it did not matter what kind he got as long as he got some. Tj is not a good friend. A good friend would not say something bad about Jeremy giving Stacey a flute for Christmas. Mr. Morrison is talking about the night me and what they all did to black folks. " 'Burst in on us with their Rebel sabers, hacking and killing, burning us out. Didn 't care who they kilt. We weren 't nothing to them. No better than dogs. Kill babies and old women. Didn 't matter. ' " (Taylor 148 & 149). This shows how mean the white folks were to the black folks. There was several violence during civil rights. The Berrys had got burned for whistling at a white women. Tj got beat by the Simms boys because he was going to say something about the Simms boys beating up Mr. Barnett. Mr. Morrison 's family
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