Analysis Of Bless Me Ultima By Rudolpho Anaya

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Sleep is symbolic for peace and harmony. However sometimes the war you face while awake can haunt your sleep. The protagonist Antonio (Toni) in Bless Me Ultima by Rudolpho Anaya is forced to face the differentiating cultures and influences projected by his elders. His parents attempt to live their dreams through Toni but only cause the development of the opposite within Antonio. The conflict Toni faces has such a tremendous impact on him that it besets his dreams. Influences are strong especially when you’re young and it’s coming from your parents. “Once I had told my mother about the dreams, and she said they were visions from God and she was happy, because her own dream was that I should grow up and become a priest. After that I did not…show more content…
“My brothers frowned. You are a Luna, they chanted in unison, you are to be a farmer-priest for mother!” (26) Even though Toni had a longing for his brothers, they denied Toni because he was greatly induced into his mother’s expectations. Andrew and Eugene had decided to walk the path of their father, and in response Antonio desired to as well. Along with this desire, Maria would lose influence over Toni. Now Toni faces pressure as the only child who can fulfill his mother’s legacy. Toni yet again is still facing the conflict weighed down not only by his parents but his brothers as well. The result of confronting this conflict is the “Darkness of my dream” said by Antonio. In one case it sets the image more of a nightmare than a dream. In another context the darkness is Toni’s blurry vision of the path he will take in…show more content…
The mind of a child would be expected to be composed of surplus imagination, filled with joy and fiction. But Antonio is a separate situation. “A putrid, rotting smell was everywhere. There was disease and filth throughout. In the end no one was left, and the she-goats and the he-goats returned from the hills whence they had fled, and they looked in innocence at the death camp of the people.” (176) Antonio dreams of Armageddon, which ironically is an event of mortality and utter destruction. It has setting of a nightmare more than a dream. Many would ask, what would cause such a twisted imagination? Astonishingly, it was the effects of parental influence that led to the conflict that would seep into the dreams of their child. Additionally, Antonio’s dreams are deep-rooted, yet his confliction is still able to negatively nourish his
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