Analysis Of Blood In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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In the book Dracula, blood is displaying how creatures can fight over the thing that they need the most. Blood makes both the humans and the vampires fight each other because it is the thing that both of the creatures need the most. When Dr. Seward goes to check on Renfield, he cuts his wrist which is lets blood out and sees Renfield “lick up the blood like a dog” and also hears Renfield say “’the blood is life’”(Stoker 171 ). The journal entry from Dr. Seward lets the reader see how the vampires need blood to survive because Seward is observing Renfield at the asylum. Renfield is a good example of the behaviors of vampires because he is being influenced by Count Dracula and being transformed into vampire. Renfield shows the characteristics of vampires because of transformation of being a vampire and this shows how blood from other creatures…show more content…
Blood is something that the humans have to protect from the vampires so they are willing to fight for what they need the most. Van Helsing says that Count Dracula will come back because he had the taste of London’s large population and he will learn how to get through in London and that group “‘is pledged to set the world free’” and they are also supposed to fight “for the honour and glory of God”(Stoker 380). The group is fighting Count Dracula because the want to protect the thing that they need the most which is blood so that they can keep being alive and the Count is fighting the humans because the humans have the thing that lets the vampire to live, blood. The humans also believe that they are fighting for entire world and it is their duty to set the world free from the fear of Count Dracula and the vampires in the world and they also believe that they are fighting for the sake of God because they are fighting the demonic monster that are taking away the lives and blood of others. The fight between the humans

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