Beauty In The Bluest Eyes

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“It had occurred to Pecola some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes that held the pictures, and knew the sights - if those eyes of hers were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different.” In this quote found in Chapter 3, in the Autumn section of the novel, it showed the desire of Pecola to have the Bluest Eyes. Pecola wants to have blue eyes not because she wants to be beautiful but because she wants to change how she sees reality. Pecola experiences a lot of things and one thing led to another and she saw her parents have a violent fight, she thinks that the only solution to her pain is if she sees something different. In Pecola’s perspective, one’s physical appearance is the most important thing and that people…show more content…
Pecola, an 11 year old child was raped by her father. Pecola is an easy prey because she was just an 11 year old young girl, and she has no strength to voice out her concerns to the adults in the novel. She does not know anything about oppression and that’s how she became a victim of one. Because of what Pecola experienced, the physical abuse, that led to her psychological disorder. Pecola was emotionally abused by her classmates who usually called her ugly because she was black. She experienced a lot of things when she was in that age, and everything piled up which resulted to her mental abused self. Pauline breedlove, Pecola’s mother, did not care about her and neglected her the whole time. She was never there for her and was a very distant mother. When pecola told Pauline about Cholly raping her, she did not believe her but rather, she hurt Pecola for thinking that she was lying. Toni Morrison wanted the readers to know that the oppressors in the novel were also oppressed in their childhood and that made them do such thing. The parents of Cholly, Pecola’s father, abandoned him soon after his birth. Two white hinters forced him to have sex under a torch light. Cholly abuses Pauline and his other children and he is an alcoholic. Soaphead church abuses Pecola for making her believe herself that she already has the bluest eyes and that people will already accept her for how she
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