Analysis Of Boardman Hawes's The Wild Dog Of Caucomgomoc

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People tend to create a first opinion of something depending on how it looks like. In “The Dog of Caucomgomoc” by Boardman Hawes, people start to create fake myths about this dog after the death of his master, all of this because of his scary appearance. Only Gordon Low, the man who saw how this dog took care of his owner, knows his real personality, and finally will show the world they were wrong. Through the reactions of the afraid dog to the inhabitants, "The Wild Dog of Caucomgomoc" explores how fear can show a wrong facet of a person making others judge by first appearances. After the death of the dog’s master, Boardman Hawes shows how the people start saying that now this dog has something “sombre” only because his owner had it (Paragraph 5). People judge the dog by his background and company, not by who he is. The dog response to the people’s thoughts is fear, showing a defensive position appealing to his survival instincts. Because of this fear he is not able to interact with the people, as they also think that he is the devil, provoking more fear. “Some said he was hunting with the spirit of his lost master; some, that he was a devil incarnate.” (Paragraph 7). However, they didn 't have any reason for judge him, “No one knew a reason for fearing the dog. So far as was known, he never had attacked a human being. Perhaps it was his expression — his fearless, challenging stare —that frightened men. Perhaps it was the mystery that attaches itself to the name of
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