Analysis Of Bossy Is More Than A Word To Woman

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In the article “ ‘Bossy’ is More Than a Word to Women” Tannen explains about a campaign called ban bossy. Ban “bossy” is a campaign to make it so women and girls are no longer called bossy for reasons other than trying to speak their mind without softening the words. Women and girls are often called “bossy” because they tell others what to do. The problem with that is girls and boys often speak different “languages”, which enables a girl to seem bossy. Boys often speak in a way as girls do but get different responses from it. If a boy were to be “bossy” , they would get mistreated, but still be able to do whatever they wanted. If a girl were to be “bossy” she would be locked out and/or not liked. For us to ban “bossy” it means that girls
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