Analysis Of Botany Of Desire By Michael Pollan

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In chapter 3, the book Botany of Desire, the author Michael Pollan describes the relationship between humans and Marijuana and the history of its industry. People have started to use it since the Neolithic Age. Although the road of development is kind of tough (being forbade in some countries), marijuana is still one of the most popular things not only in America but also in many other places. According to Pollan, he used to grown a few in his yard, and these were almost found by a local policeman. Probably at that time, there were a lot of people like Pollan, growing some marijuana secretly to satisfied their desires. As for the history of Marijuana, there were 2 kind of species: on one hand, people extract fibers from them which is not important in this chapter; on the other hand, female marijuana can secret one special chemical compound -tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- to cause brain hallucination. People have already grown Marijuana for more than 5,000 years and it was used in different ways in different places during the different time. For example, people used it in some kind of voodoo ritual to make people feel like they can reach God, and use in medical ways these years …show more content…

How amazing it is that Marijuana can make difference in a great area in our brain. In addition, the physical addiction, which means the physiological response after cut off the drugs supplies. It always appears in movies or TV shows, and it is also real in our life. However, the physical addiction of Marijuana is way lower than any other drugs. So that is one of the reasons why many people hold the idea that the government should not forbid Marijuana at

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