Analysis Of Bowling For Columbine

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Bowling for Columbine
The documentary Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore’s examines the dangerous and unique gun culture and the violence which follows because of this culture in the land of the free and the brave. In order to provide the viewers an insight into how tragedies like the infamous Columbine shooting are happing and further telling, why the United States possesses an enormously higher rate of gun-related problems than any other first world country in the world. Among the several possibilities he examines, the two factors the first factor being the widespread availability of guns and ammunition, and the second reason being a pervasive culture of fear, paranoia, and mistrust prevalent in the United States. His documentary is not a simple statement for gun control. In fact, his handling of guns used in Canada undermines standard gun control Apologetics, evincing a much more thoughtful and nuanced analysis than his critics accredit to him.
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Sometimes he takes a bold step and actually interviews people, such as James Nichols, who happens to be the brother of the infamous Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols And shows the viewer his arguments for the right to bear arms and explosives, though stopping short of permitting private ownership of nuclear materials since “there are a pile of freaks out there.” Moore then interviews young people in the area and is shocked at the casual views on the role of heavy weapons and explosives. He talks about the various problems caused due to the country’s prevalent gun culture and he also tries to provide us with some insight of maybe why Americans are so infatuated with their

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