Analysis Of Boys By Rick Moody

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Lauren Graff Prof. Logan Naylor ENGL:1200 March 12, 2023 Analysis on “Boys” by Rick Moody Rick Moody starts off his story with this sentence, and this remains to be a key sentence when it comes to the rest of the story. There is no introduction of characters, no location, just that the boys have arrived. He uses a very interesting writing stye within this story, compared to the “normal” writing form most authors use. The story begins in a fast approach just like how things appear in our lives, out of no where sometimes. Moody illustrates a story of the two boys as they go throughout life, coping with conflict that comes their way along with gradually growing into being men. He shows this through his diction and repetition throughout the story, the tone used in the start of the story versus the end due to the conflict that the two young boys have to endure. …show more content…

So, each time Moody writes “The boys enter the house,” it is showing that time has moved forward and is focusing on the idea of the boys maturing since the last time they had entered the house. Moody also using repetition throughout the story, isn’t just a coincidence. Moody uses the word “boys” continuously throughout the story all the way up until the end, because they had yet to mature yet until the end of the story. Without this repetition, I as the reader, wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the timing of the story from when it started, but until he stopped using “boys” you knew they were still

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