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The amount of crime that is within a neighborhood is a huge factor in whether or not the neighborhood has a high property value or not. This is exemplified in a movie directed by John Singleton, Boyz N the Hood. The neighborhood of Crenshaw, located in Los Angeles, California, is presented as being riddled with crime and violence. This is the culture found within the impoverished black neighborhoods. Despite what it may seem at first, the root of this problem is not found with the people themselves, but a problem with the urban development itself. With the assistance of the government or rich people, the neighborhood of Crenshaw, or similar poor neighborhoods, could have a dramatic reduction in crimes. However, there is no attempt to change…show more content…
Research Associate, Chantal Hailey asserts that without government provided services or “Without social services and youth programs, teens often become bored. They may turn untapped potential into risky behavior, like selling drugs”. This is exemplified in the movie by Doughboy who is arrested at a young age for shoplifting for no reason other than boredom. Growing up around an endless amount of gun violence and criminal acts raises the chance of these youth to “become a victim of a crime, participate in deviant behavior, and have mental health problems” (Hailey). The multitudes of young arrests like this escalates into a much larger problem. When they become adults, they are more likely to commit more deadly crimes as they grew up a ruffian and do not have any other opportunities to change their behavior. If these children had a productive outlet to use their free time such as learning or playing in a safe environment, less of the youth would grow up and continue a life of crime. Therefore, if a park or similar form of entertainment is provided for the youth of the poor areas, the crime rates would likely decrease within a generation as the youth will no longer have to play in the streets or the…show more content…
The roots of the crime in these impoverished areas are not found with the people themselves, but can be found in the purposeful urban planning of the city. They use the absence of youth activities, purposeful placement of gun and alcohol shops, and gentrification to increase the crime rates of impoverished neighborhoods similar to Crenshaw. These examples showed that the origin of the crime is not the actual people who live in these neighborhoods, but is caused by the people in control of city planning. The government could easily fix all three of these problems by moving money from the alcohol and gun stores into activities for the youth to participate in and divert their attention from criminal activities. However, as a Capitalist society, it is unlikely that the Government will punish the real estate industry for taking advantage of this group of people as it seems like it is their own fault at first glance. After careful examination, it can be seen that the crime in their neighborhood is caused by the poor urban

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