Analysis Of 'Brocklehurst Is Not A God'

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However, Helen Burns claims that "Brocklehurst is not a God" (28). Helen Burns is a contrasting character to him; she embodies the concepts of sympathy and submission. Helen, "the foil, or antidote, to Brocklehurst" (Franklin 464), sympathizes with the people Brocklehurst unjustly punishes. Lara Freebrug Kees defines sympathy as a motivation for altruistic behavior (Kees 873). Helen, risking her life at Lowood, disobeys Brocklehurst by visiting Jane (28). Reaping no reward, she reflects "a Christ-like love" that is emphasized in the New Testament (Franklin 465). Both Jesus and Helen, sympathize with outcasts of their respected communities. The New Testament highlights, through the birth of Jesus, God 's personal relationship with his children.
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