Analysis Of Bruno In Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

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Bruno is powerful character who appeared as the main character in the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. My first impression of this character was that he is spoilt, selfish and that he only thinks about himself. My final impression of Bruno is that he has changed a lot because he helped a friend by risking his life into something that he did not have to do. Bruno is a very important character because he is the main character of the book and that he has changed the most. Bruno represents a boy who is very naïve about the war. This book is about a little boy called Bruno that comes home to find out that he is moving away from their home in Berlin to a new house in Auschwitz (Out With). Bruno hates the new house until he makes a discovery of another little boy called Shmuel that lives on the other side of the fence. Shmuel asks Bruno to come under the fence and help him find his father. Bruno agrees and crawls under the fence unknowingly that his life is at risk. In the end he is killed in the gas chambers along with his new best friend. Firstly John Boyne presents Bruno as a young and naive…show more content…
“Shmuel reached down and lifted the base of the fence, but it only lifted to a certain height and Bruno had no choice but to roll under it, getting his striped pyjamas completely covered in mud as he did so.” This quote lets us picture that Bruno is crawling under the fence to help and play with his new friend Shmuel. Bruno is unaware that his life has been threatened by going on the other side of the fence. Bruno is not aware that the other side of the fence is a concentration camp where prisoners are held. This idea shows that Bruno is being a selfless person by unknowingly placing his life under a risk and helping another person. He is not only thinking about himself but about Shmuel not being able to find his father and helps. This idea reflects on Bruno being a selfless and nice
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