Analysis Of Cachau Bant Mind Your Language

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Analytical essay of “Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language”. The English language is one of the most dominating languages in the world. Almost everyone can say something in English, from music, Facebook and so on. People tend to take the English language for granted; that it is the language you speak with foreigners. But we tend to forget how it became such a dominant language. The English language became one of the most dominant languages because of their many colonisations all over the world. In the colonies the natives from were forced to take English into their lives. It resulted in that many countries lost their native language in favour of the English. That have been a big problem because a language isn’t just a way of communicating, it is a big part of the native culture. One of these languages is welsh, it is a dying language and only 20 per cent natives speaks it now.…show more content…
Is written by Tom Law who is a journalist. Law criticize the way England took over the welsh school and forced them to teach English as the only language. It resulted that their native language, Welsh ended up being their second language and English as their first. Law criticize how the English speakers react when they are told about the Welsh people being afraid of loosing their mother tongue. You can already see his negative view on the English in the start of the article he uses irony
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