Analysis Of Caesar As A Hero In Jon Herman's 'Killing Caesar'

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In the reading “Killing Caesar” by Jon Herman the author gives evidence on both sides of the argument is Caesar a tyrant or a hero? Did Caesar deserve his horrific, and bloody killing in front of so many subjects? Caesar did not deserve this he was a hero to all around him. Caesar was a hero because he made sure to put his people above even himself. He fed the poor and made jobs. He wanted to support the ones who didn’t have much, “The hungry hordes in the city were now given free bread. Caesar created jobs” He was kind to all even those he had bad feelings about. Also in the reading “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” he was even kind to Cassius that seemed quite off to him but ignored it due to the wellbeing of others. Just about everyone could see his greatness and saw him like a god. He even had statues made for him due to his great leadership. He even made Rome better than ever before, “Never before had Rome been governed so well or so efficiently” This was a very strong thing to say that is like comparing someone as the best president. How could people of said such things if he was…show more content…
They believe he was going to take over like a king and once done so his nature would change drastically like a power hungry ruler. That is what resulted in his killing. It was said he made the senate “Worthless” by taking charge and responsibility of helping Rome. However how can a person be committed of a crime like being a power hungry tyrant when he has done nothing of that nature? It was all what if statements the senate were just worried about their power taken away from them, “Brutus was a senator, but his decision to kill Caesar was motivated by no more than petty self-interest” This would result in them being common which they refused to let happen. Caesar was a hero and there is nothing more to it the people that wanted him gone were people drove by jealousy scared to lose their

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