Carl G. Herndl's The Unfortunate Earth

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The Unfortunate Earth In the book Sustainability a Reader for Writers the author Carl G. Herndl composes many stories and account of different writers. “You have to be able to get along with your enemy, because he may be the person operating the neighborhood pump in your polder (Diamond 21).” The purposes of using polders are to control floods. A polder is a piece of land that has been reclaimed from a body of water by using pumps and drainage canals. People living in polders know that this is how all communities should work together towards a bigger goal. You have to be able to look past your own problems and be able to work towards the bigger picture. People all over the world purchase, use, and dispose of huge varieties of products without…show more content…
This is not just causing problems for poor and undeveloped countries, but also for many developing nations. The problem with overpopulation is a tricky one that is not easily solved. For example, when Garrett Hardin compared the population problem to a game of tick-tack-toe in that there is no technical solution (29). The analogy Hardin makes is that there is no correct way to solve this problem. No person wants their freedoms taken away especially being told that having multiple kids is adding to the overpopulation problem on Earth. Overpopulation is a serious problem for the environment and will continue to be until all of the Earth’s resources are burned out. The overpopulation problem and overuse of resources go hand in hand. Many countries will have to keep using more resources to help aid the population. An example of one countries solution would be the Chinese one-child policy which was a policy of China. It was introduced in 1979 and according to the Chinese government over 400 million births were prevented. Educating women in third-world countries could be the solution to counter act the substantial increase of population. The more people that are educated could help them realize that having more children does not just affect their family, because it affects everyone living on
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