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This report is about the analysis of five individual factors (Personality, Perception, Learning, Motivation, Attitude) and five social-cultural factors (Culture, Subculture, Social class, Family, Reference group) that affect selection of shoe store. The consumer response towards those factors was evaluated. Therefore, Marketing strategies to each factor were suggested for consideration to the store management by attracting people visiting the selected store. The selected store, Champion Verdi was concentrating on footwear for women. The shoe styles are targeted to generation Y and middle class consumers. It also sells the shoe for kids, but is not riveted on this product line. (99)


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Safety needs are concerned about physical safety, also included order, stability, routine, familiarity and control over one’s life. For example, health and health care are important safety concerns (Schiffman & Kanuk, 1983). Health concerns are rising among consumers, they are looking for the products that help to maintain and improve their health. Demand of health products is increased significantly, consumers are willing pay a premium price for it (BDC, 2013). Health problems can affect the feet (NIH, 2013). Safety footwear which comfortable, flexible, and provides the necessary protection is important to ensure healthy feet, (Workwear,
BIRKENSTOCK produced comfortable shoes and overall health-conscious awareness. The product has nature’s specifications for supporting and maintaining the natural functions of the foot (Brikenstock, 2013). Champion Verdi should convey research of healthy footwear and produce the shoes with their own identity design that could support and shape the foot of the consumer as their foot is protected in a healthy way and fit to the consumer safety …show more content…

The theory states that a person has various cognitive elements of knowledge, environment, attitudes, opinions and past behavior (Kuan, Bock & Lee, 2007). When an individual holds conflicting thoughts of a belief or an attitude, cognitive dissonance will occur (Bose & Sarker, 2012) Research of Hasan (2012) shows that consumer’s dissonance toward the store is attained from consumption experiences, which directly influence consumer satisfaction level Once dissonance occurs, individuals will try to make a balance in their cognition to reduce dissonance. When Consumers have high cognitive dissonance, they will respond to difficulties to give a good evaluation towards the store, feel dissatisfaction and uncomfortable feeling with their decision (Lee & Li, 2013). Marketers may develop an informative and persuasive advertisement to present the store image to the customers so that it brings changes to their attitudes by influencing their cognition (Sharma, 2012). Champion Verdi marketers should provide additional information and suggestion of shoe care support for existing consumer. They may follow up with their consumer through online reviews to ensure consumer satisfaction. This was effective in reducing consumer’s dissonance and to avoid exerting influence over word of mouth

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