Charles Darwin's Argument Essay

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Humans are on the most fascinating and intelligent species on earth because of our way of thinking. Throughout the history of mankind, we have always been curious about how we have evolved from time to time and how we originated. This question has boggled everyone ranging from scientist, orthodox people, and atheist. We have been searching for this answers since the beginning of civilizations and beyond. It is known that the evolution theory was ignited in the 19th century when Charles Darwin published his book called “The Origin Of Species” and addressed his theory. But he wasn’t the only one who came with the idea of evolution. Before him, scientists like Geoffrey St. Hilaire and Lamarck had already made their stated on how we have evolved…show more content…
Many of his researches is taken by many as a citation because many of them believe that his works are accurate in different fields ranging from geology to biology. For example in text two, th essay called as “in their own words”, shows us a perspective of how Lyell’s reasoning of how a slow change is in the growth of life and geology rather than a rapid change, an essay which takes reference from darwin’s theory. Another example is in text three where the author gives us an insight of even though the discoveries that Gregor Mendel has made, has been extremely useful for research on heredity, there is no formulation needed in darwin’s theory. The main argument of Darwin, which states that species and made by natural process and the animals, plants, and humans, have been descendents from their early ancestors and their defunt life forms. Throughout history, mankind have made unimaginable discoveries that have impacted our way of thinking about the origins and evolution of species. With rapid advancement of technology, humans have been able to research and learn about natural evolution, heredity and have formulated their different perspectives about Darwin’s theory of evolution. On the other hand, scienetist are referecing from Darwin’s theory, and worked to formulate their own perspectives. Theories evolve when our environment evolves, which changes our perspectives and allows
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