Analysis Of Charles Murray's Essay 'Are Too Many People Going To College'

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People go to college to get a good paying job, have job security, and get a degree. Well at least that’s what it should be about. That’s what Charles Murray believes in his essay “Are Too Many People Going to College.” Murray counters the argument of Sanford Ungar who believes colleges should have a more liberal approach towards its classes and have students actually learn a broad range of real life skills instead of just going into a career just because it pays well. In Ungar’s essay he explains the misperception that Americans have on obtaining a liberal-arts degree and how they believe it doesn’t translate well to the real world. Despite Ungar’s points Murray’s essay touched on many valid points such as a liberal education should be learned …show more content…

Ungar thinks more students should major in liberal arts because it’ll make them well-rounded and have a better set of skills than someone who specializes in a certain major. While a liberal arts degree isn’t a bad choice that just doesn’t fit every person that wants to go to college. First of all, even if someone wanted to have a liberal arts degree and specialize in a certain major that’s going to take even more time depending on the major. That’s a long time in school and most importantly that’s a lot of money being spent if you’re paying for it out of your pocket. Then, a liberal arts degree doesn’t fuel the economy as much as the science, technology, engineering, and math majors (STEM). There are advantages to this though, someone who gets a liberal arts degree might be better at certain things such as comprehension, problem solving, and critical thinking. Many of those skills are wanted by employers when they are looking to hire a college graduate. On the other hand, Murray believes pursuing a liberal arts degree is a waste of time. Murray, claims are mostly valid because on average it takes longer for a liberal arts graduate to find a job, and they start off making less than the average professional career. He believes people are looking for innovators not just

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