Analysis Of Che In Paona Bazaaris

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Asaam The North Eastern part of India has always been represented as an exotic land and the writers who have represented this part of India have shown biased attitude. If the East was configured by the Orientalististsas stereotypical and exotic, than India’s North- East has suffered the same fate. If the orientalistsrepresented the East as Exotic (in this case the waster orientalists) then the mainland of Indian treated the North- East with neglect and disdain. Apart from a few benevolent and understanding souls, India’s North East has not received any sympathy from the center. The North East has not only been neglect, it has also been configured as an “Imagined Community” (a term used by Benedict Anderson). The politics of representation regarding India’s North East has not been well documented except a few scattered observations by scholars and academician belonging to different fields. The North Eastern part of India has been stereotypically represented in fictions and non- fictional works also. KishalayBhattacharjee’s non-fictional book titled Che in Paona Bazaaris an exception in this context. This book demystifies the stereotypical representation of North- East and the aim of this paper is to highlight how the author has attempted to do that. The North- East is not merely a hot-bed of insurgency, there are other realities as well- of forbidden love, weddings, cuisine, childhood memories, and other ‘unimportant stories’ that never made it to our newspaper and

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