Che In Paona Bazaar

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The North Eastern part of India has always been represented as an exotic land and the writers who have represented this part of India have shown biased attitude. If the East was configured by the Orientalististsas stereotypical and exotic, than India’s North- East has suffered the same fate. If the orientalistsrepresented the East as Exotic (in this case the waster orientalists) then the mainland of Indian treated the North- East with neglect and disdain. Apart from a few benevolent and understanding souls, India’s North East has not received any sympathy from the center. The North East has not only been neglect, it has also been configured as an “Imagined Community” (a term used by Benedict Anderson). The politics of representation regarding India’s North East has not been well documented except a
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It is sought to be established in the book that how a group of people with their distinctive culture and ritual feel alien in their own land. The title Che in Paona Bazaar becomes significant from the perspective that Imphal has become a place which has been pervaded by western modes of behavior. The sense of belonging comes only when the people of the land feel affinity with the rest of the country. But KishlayBhatacharjee shows how the people of the north east do not feel any sense of belonging because they do not have that kind of affinity with rest of the countryas the mainstream not only ignores them but also givesan exhibits a step- motherly attitude towards them. Bhatacharjee shows how the people of the North- East feel alienated and cut off from the rest of the country. Life in the north east has a rhythm of its own a cultural mosaic and unique socio- political structure. Bhatacharjee writes with a sense of anguish and utter chagrin regarding why the inhabitants of the North- East had to feel a sense of
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