Analysis Of Cheryl Peck's Essay 'Fatso'

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Sarcastically Angry In Cheryl Pecks essay titled “Fatso” she conveys personal stories that have caused her pain throughout her life. Peck is an angry woman that has reached out to her readers to focus their attention to the pain she has felt since she was a child, and still feels today. I like the way she gives clear narrates for readers to envision situations, while using a sarcastically bitter tone to belittle the ones she herself was belittled by. Recalling a painful experience as a child, and how all the comments that were made have initiated her to have similar views about herself as an adult. When Peck speaks of a conversation with her friend Anne about a statement made to the gentleman Anne went to the fair with. Peck wanted her readers to envision how…show more content…
I love that she was able to find a slight bit of contentment in addressing all the individuals who have said or did something cruel, just because she does not have perfect measurement by society standards, but that should not matter. She should not allow any person who goes out of their way to offend someone else a second of her time nor cause her an ounce of pain. Cheryl Peck put her heart and tears in to her essay “Fatso” with intentions on getting through to people in society even if it’s just a few. To let them know the pain and hate that being mean and spiteful to a person because they don’t fit your idea of the right size. If they do not like what their eye’s see, then they do not have to look. No one should have to experience the hurt and pain as Peck did from childhood to adulthood. I can relate to Peck as I have experienced or witnessed society with its harsh remarks, and I whole heartedly agree with her that people can be cruel and hateful because you don’t fit their
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