Pros And Cons Of Toys For Children

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Children’s Toys – More Dangerous Than Assumed Sadly, today’s mostly capitalist world is characterized by a high degree of consumerism and economic materialism. People always want to own more and more goods and are never really satisfied. Unfortunately, this behaviour starts at a very early stage of life: Many children want to have as many toys as possible, and many parents do their kids this ”favour” and buy them all the toys they demand. This leads to little children owning the most recent and expensive toys. But especially too many new and expensive toys can have adverse effects and can create social and emotional problems, while not having many toys can be beneficial. Firstly, expensive toys can lead to social exclusion and isolation of some children. Some parents have enough money to afford the latest video games or other expensive toys, but other parents do not. Therefore, some children might not be able to play with the other kids or take part in some regular conversations about these toys or games at school or in kindergarten and might be excluded. Even if the other kids would not exclude them directly, they might feel excluded because they would not have anything to add to the conversations. This could also damage the excluded children emotionally and affect them…show more content…
But why buy them the latest video games or expensive drones when they can have as much fun with other things which are not half as expensive and big? Why not “Hotwheels”, board games, marbles, a skipping rope or a ball instead of expensive high-tech toys? Children can even have a lot of fun without a single toy. Someone who plays an intense game of hide and seek or tag outside with his friends will have much stronger feelings of fun, joy and satisfaction than someone who is playing alone in his room with his new, expensive model
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