Analysis Of Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart'

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“But stories were already gaining ground that the white man had not only brought a religion but also a government.” (Achebe 155). In the novel, Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe the main character Okonkwo lives in Nigeria, Africa where a group of white missionaries come to convert the Nigerians to Christianity. The Christian Missionaries believed that their set of beliefs were superior to other beliefs and that they were the only ones who should be followed. They pushed their religion upon other people in the Nigerian tribes, and they successfully converted a few. The majority of the tribes didn’t believe in the missionaries beliefs or want to follow their ways. Throughout this novel Chinua Achebe portrays a collision of cultures between the Christian missionaries and the Nigerian tribes, this collision resulted in Okonkwo questioning his sense of identity because his culture is a main part of his identity. To begin, the white missionaries went into the Nigerian tribes and at first they were not taken seriously, but soon after their arrival they became powerful and formed their own government leading to a collision of cultures. The two different cultures of the white missionaries and african natives were very different and had opposing beliefs. The white missionaries believe in Christianity, which means they believe in only one God, Jesus Christ. When discussing religion the author states, “And he told them about this new God, the Creator of all the world and all the

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