Analysis Of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

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Chuck Palahniuk is a distinctive writer as he constructs characters that are unusual and that question the norms of society. This can be seen in his book, Fight Club, as his main character, the nameless narrator, suffers from insomnia. Palahniuk makes his character overcome his insomnia making him attend to cancer support groups. The cancer support groups are described as “this was freedom. Losing all hope was freedom” by the insomniac narrator (22). The unnamed narrator loved the support groups because it made him feel free since he was not the one dying, he felt this adrenaline within him that helped him go to sleep. This was his sanctuary where he receives attention and can experience death without really dying. Palahniuk then shifts his protagonist’s story when a new character is introduced, Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden was a bad influence on the narrator but it was Tyler that helped fill his void of lack of sleep in a new different way. Tyler and the narrator created fight club a place where “There’s hysterical shouting in tongues like at church, and when you wake up Sunday afternoon you feel saved” (51). Fight club was a club where men fight with each other in the basement of bars. Those men that were in the middle class, who work boring jobs and who were not considered to be the manliest. Fight club was their savior, it was a place where they can fight, release their insecurities and gain the feeling of superiority amongst other men. Palahniuk brings a immorality as his
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