Claudius Deceiving Character Analysis

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In great literature there are often characters who are deceitful to others to carry out a greater purpose. By doing so the character often compromises relationships with friends and family but it can also compromise the safety of the character and others around them. In the play Hamlet Shakespeare uses Hamlet’s character to elaborate on this situation, Claudius is deceiving his family and friends for a greater purpose which at times seems to do more bad than good. Claudius deceives many people in the tragedy Hamlet. Claudius schemes and manipulates many people for many different reasons whether for his personal protection, sparing someone’s feelings, or to carry out a crime. This motives affect other characters causing them to do things that…show more content…
This first seed of deception planted by the new king causes almost the entire chain of events that take place in the Tragedy Hamlet to happen. All in all Claudius’s deception plays a major role in the the layout and plot of Hamlet. Claudius is a deceptive power hungry foil character in this Shakespeare play who has a great influence on the of the actions and events that led to the climax and falling action of the play. Claudius doesn’t care who he uses or what he has to do to come out on top he will do anything in Spellman, 5 his power to make sure he is secure. The king’s greed and self loathe are his fatal flaws that ultimately lead to his downfall. Instead of doing things honestly and fair Claudius is a character who would rather play dirty and scheme behind peoples backs to find quick and easy solutions to his problems.Overall Claudius deceived his best friend, his nephew, and his wife to try to end up on top and in power but he ended up losing everything he had almost the exact same way that he received through a tragedy caused at the hands of another

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