Analysis Of Colin Kaepernick's Argument Against Racism

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Kneeling Or Standing It all started in August of 2016. Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem. The San Francisco 49s quarterback’s actions has lead to a heated controversy among many Americans today. It has influenced many people and has been a popular way for athletes and sports teams to protest. I strongly believe the reasoning behind the protest is completely ignorant. Kaepernick’s post game explanation for refusing to stand was to protest against police brutality and raise awareness against racism. That all sounds great, but when you dig down deep and do your research, you will discover that it’s a complete lie. The reasoning behind kneeling for the flag can be completely debunked. The whole movement is based on the hateful ideology called, ‘’Black Lives Matter.’’ This was started in July of 2013, where the mainstream media and left wing liberals begin feeding American…show more content…
David Clark, an African American who served as the Sheriff for Milwaukee Wisconsin for 15 years referred to it as,“a vile vulgar slimy movement.” He is exactly right. It has done nothing but cause riots, anger, and hate towards police and american citizens. In the riots of Ferguson, and Baltimore, many people were injured and millions of dollars were lost in property damage. Whether intentionally or accidently, when players kneel for the flag they are supporting this hateful anti police sentiment and causing division instead of unity of the people. They are not only doing that, but they are detracting and taking away attention from what we should be focusing on. When the national anthem is played, we should all stand and pay our respect to thousands of soldiers and first responders that died protecting our country and giving us

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