Fraternity Hazing Analysis

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In Katie Reilly’s “College Students Keep Dying Because of Fraternity Hazing. Why Is It So Hard to Stop?” and David Burkman’s “Why frat boys like hazing, if they live through it” both authors inform their readers about fraternity hazing. This is an important topic to discuss because college students need to be able to identify and be familiar with hazing. Both authors share similar opinions about fraternity hazing but differ in other aspects. In the article “College Students Keep Dying Because of Fraternity Hazing. Why Is It So Hard to Stop?” by Katie Reilly, fraternity hazing and its dangers are discussed. First, Reilly states that across America fraternity hazing causes serious injuries and sometimes even death on college campuses. In her…show more content…
Primary, Burkman emphasizes that pledges engage in hazing because they have a need to belong. In the article, the author states “we need…to feel part of a tribe. We are social animals. We need the pack” (Burkman). Burkman uses this to show that as humans we have a natural need to belong. In addition, Burkman asserts how hazing gives pledges a feeling of accomplishment. The author states that just joining a group isn’t enough, the frat boys have to feel like they have achieved or earned something. Otherwise, Burkman stresses that without the trials and tribulations of hazing, the pledges wouldn’t feel like they had earned the right to be in the “brotherhood.” Lastly, the author argues that hazing is an endless tradition, that will not end until a substitute is found. For many years, colleges nationwide have had rituals and secrets they have passed on to future students; sadly, one of those traditions being hazing (Burkman). In other words, if a reasonable alternative is not found to replace hazing. We are still in the vicious, never-ending cycle of cruel deaths. To conclude, Burkman wants the readers to understand why men in fraternities enjoy

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