Analysis Of Concussions By Thurman Thomas

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In this article , Mike Rodak talks about how Thurman Thomas struggles from the aftermath of all of the concussions he has received. During his 13 year career Thomas has had at least 5 concussions . He talks about with Rodak how he has mood swings and severe depression. Thomas even explained that he was lost on a road he had been taking for many years. He had to pull over, call his wife and explain the events that occurred to him. Thomas believes he is not the only one with this issue and thinks this needs to stop. His wife is so worried about concussions that she doesn 't want their 14 year old son to participate. When Thomas consulted with his doctor over this issue, he said that his frontal lobe has the damage done to his brain as close as…show more content…
Everything Thomas does, he needs to be carefully supervised so he does not harm anybody or himself. Everybody who has experienced more than one concussion in their lives needs to take it easy and watch out for themselves and the people around them. Thomas’s wife is definitely right to be against the sport for their 14 year old son. She just does not want to see her son go through the same pain that her husband did. Symptoms such as mood swings are a very serious condition that needs to be payed attention to. Thomas still is not able to control his mood swings after all of these years. I agree with Thomas when he says “One thing that I realized is that discussing the effects of concussions and the reality of the situation doesn 't make me less of a man, less tough, less loyal to the National Football League, a less love for the game," he said. "All it means is that I 'm not an ignorant fool, and that I don 't ignore factual evidence that this is happening to not only football players, but [other athletes]”. It is very important to understand this is not a local issue in just football. People are getting injured every day in the brain and will eventually not be able to use their brains like they used to. Thomas’s doctor says that his condition is worsening and he really needs to take it easy. I agree with his doctor because at any point of his life he is at risk of either harming himself or any other person around him. People these days don’t see concussions as a big issue, because of how hyped up and adrenaline filled
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