Analysis Of Conflict Concepts

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Analysis of Conflict Concepts/Lenses
Penny S. King
Kennesaw State University

Analysis of Conflict Concepts/Lenses
The first concept that I will analyze will be Distributive Justice and an example of this can be seen in the unfair treatment amongst disadvantaged groups when it comes to education and wealth. As stated in Coleman, Deutsch & Morton (2014) there are three components of Power that affects people?s orientations and actions. One of the concepts is Personal Factors and I will mainly focus on how within Personal Factors, Power Orientations relates to my example of the Mentor/mentee relationship
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Darity, a professor of public policy at the Samuel Du Bois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University also believes that ?[p]rior family wealth is key? noting that it ?shapes both income-generating opportunities and the capacity to allow wealth to grow more wealth? (as cited in Cohen August, 16, 2016, p. 5)
Analysis of Distributive Justice
As stated in the Times article blacks and Hispanics have been and continue to be disadvantaged. This can be seen as a form of distributive Justice. Despite having an education and a lot of the same required skills as their White and Asian counterparts, they still suffer disadvantages due to job discrimination or unfair distribution of resources.
Blacks and Hispanics with similar or the same educational background as Whites and Asians may suffer in fair treatment of the equity, equality and need principles and are already at a disadvantage as they are often not seen as equals due to discrimination. (Coleman et al, 2014)
Distributive Justice, as described in Coleman et al, (2014) is concerned with the criteria that lead you to feel you receive an unfair outcome. As stated in the Article, the idea of getting an education is to obtain the American dream of owning a home and establishing
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The article states that the president of the United States also used this issue to bring up more efforts to control gun violence. I agree that this is an issue as well and efforts must be put forth, but we must also pay attention to the motives behind the people who gain access to those guns. (Knickerbocker, 2015)
Racially motivated attacks have not always been carried out by guns. There have been periods of lynching?s, beatings, and water hoses, etc. The fact that the shooter saw the victims in the church as less than and expendable or undeserving to live is the issue that must not be lost and brought to the forefront as is the case in so many racially related incidents. (Coleman et al 2014) The signs were there, he was a loner and supported groups known to favor a society that believes in excluding others because of differences they cannot control. In Coleman et al (2014) symptoms such as victim blaming or self- exoneration of moral exclusion are stated to either be a result of moral exclusion or it can continue to promote

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