Analysis Of Connect But Alone By Sherry Turkel

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In the TED talk "Connect, but alone" by Sherry Turkel, a psychologist, and professor at the Social Studies of Science and Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology argues that technology is changing and controlling people 's lives. Turkle states that in the late 1990s she wrote a book talking about her experience with the internet and the importance of exploring different perspectives of the new digital world. In Turkel 's view, the most exciting thing about the internet was the idea that people could use what they learn on the internet about themselves, others and apply that to live a better life in the real world. But Turkel later disagrees with this idea, when she claims that in the last fifteen years our digital devices have become a powerful psychological effect on our personality and our…show more content…
According to Turkel, this is setting society up for trouble when it comes to relating to each other as humans, but also, in our ability for self-reflection. For example, Turkel explains the problem that society has with having conversations with other people in person and, not having control over real-time responses to the discussion. But with the digital tech, Turkel says we can edit, delete, and overthink the debate to a point where we actually change our position. I agree with that the digital world is isolating people from the real world because of my experiences with technology and the effects it has on our social interaction, our awareness of our surroundings, and it is robbing young adults from the wonders of the world. I believe we should try and continue to have faith in real human relationships because, if we forget how to have relationships with other people, then we seem to stop caring about one
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