Conscientious Objector Film Analysis

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Conscientious Objector Film Essay The Webster’s dictionary defines a Conscientious Objector as “a person who refuses to serve in the armed forces or bear arms on moral or religious grounds”. Private Desmond Doss only reflects the later half of this definition of a Conscientious Objector as, while he refused to carry a gun, he otherwise desired to serve in the armed forces. The reasoning behind Doss’ refusal to carry a gun lies behind his parent’s troubled history, in which Desmond was forced to disarm his belligerent father vowing to never carry a gun after this altercation. Along with this incident Doss had also sworn to never kill another person due to his religious qualms with the act of taking another’s life. Doss’ initial struggles to…show more content…
The men retraced Doss’ steps while being shot at until they found and returned the bible to Desmond. Comparing this to the “Scarlet Letter” treatment that he initially received truly shows the heroic extent of the deeds Doss had done. I would say that the film did not affect my opinion on war very much, I have been a film buff for a long time and have seen many documentaries and have a pretty informed opinion, but it does help to solidify the harsh realities of war that are unimaginable to civilians. I believe that the film best showcases the dramatic patriotism that overtook all during the period of WWII, which resulted in many exaggerated states of mind that resulted in cases of unnecessary outcasting, immense bravery, and sacrifices for what was seen as the common good. This film; however, did introduce the topic of Conscientious Objectors being enlisted in the military that I had never even considered and I do think that it is a vastly positive idea that would help to tap the potential in troops that may not be comfortable killing others. I do; however, believe that those in more commanding roles do desperately need to feel that it is their duty to sufficiently address these men in the same way they do those that are comfortable carrying arms and ensure that those who do not are not outcasted for these beliefs, as these Conscientious Objectors could be the men that save their
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