Self-Harm In Hamlet

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Due to unfortunate circumstances in one’s life, individuals often engage in self-harm. The novel Cracked by M.K Walton, shows this through the characters - Victor and Bull – by their emotional state being disrupted by a of series of events. The two main characters in the novel both try to commit suicide due to them feeling neglected from family and friends and have experienced bulling or abuse. After reaching a state of mind where they want to give up on life, they are given an opportunity to wish to live again. K.M Walton demonstrates throughout her novel how a series of tragic events will drive someone to commit suicide or find a “cure” for themselves through her characters. With these two characters, they show their journey of getting help…show more content…
Bull also has followed the same pattern as Victor. First, bull has to have a tragic event. In Bulls case his tragic event was his living situation “Beating the crap out of me yesterday must’ve tired him out. I open the refrigerator and laugh to myself. I don’t know why I ever bother looking in the fridge. (Walton, 52)”. Victor is tired of getting beaten up by his grandfather and having no food in his apartment. Due to Bulls living situation it makes him hate his life, which is the start of him finding his will to live again. Bull then hates his life to the point where he wants to commit suicide similar to Victor. “‘What the fuck, Bull? Jesus Christ!’ she yelled as she stopped me from shooting myself.” (Walton, 83). Bull wanted to shoot himself because of his tragic life. Bull wanting to end his life follows the same pattern that Victor did. He then goes on to getting help. In bull’s case, he goes to group therapy, “Joining us today is Bull. Welcome, Bull. I’m Lisa, and I’m the therapist running this group.” (Walton, 139). The therapy group is how Bull found his will to live. It was found with research that group therapy actually is used to help many teens overcome situations like attempted suicide. “In addition to individual counseling, group therapy may be recommended. Make sure the person attends every counseling session” (), group is actually important and that’s why it worked for Bull in regaining his
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