Analysis Of Crispin: The Cross Of Lead

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Hope, faith, and determination. The perfect ingredients for true heroism. Initiated in the Fourteenth Century, Crispin: The Cross of Lead, written by Avi is a book about a young no-named peasant who is on a quest for freedom and safety after being held accountable for a crime he did not commit. Throughout his journey, he is faced with many challenges that make him look at life through a different lens. Crispin significantly changed literature by distinctly displaying true signs of bravery throughout his quest.
` Crispin, a formerly no named peasant, was forced to evacuate his village, Stromford, after being declared a wolfs head by the steward but in the end, wished to pursue something much more complex. The roots of his quest were originally
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Starting off as a young no-named peasant who has never seen the world, he had little to no experience in travel, when advised to flee the village; he had to be heroic in order to survive. For instance, when he senses that there is a spy after Bear, he goes out of his way to warn those at Bears meeting even if it means imperiling his own life. As stated in Crispin: The Cross of Lead, “… I went to the main street, and ran in the direction Bear had gone. I had to warn him.” (Avi, 224). He cared deeply for Bear and worked up the courage to go and warn the tavern. Nevertheless, not to take away from Crispin’s glory, he couldn’t have done it without his cross of lead. Throughout the novel, Crispin keeps the cross of lead very close to him and uses it for guidance and as a symbol of being a follower of God. It is a very intimate inheritance that he keeps close to him throughout most of his journey. For the author to relate to his audience, he is commonly caught making references to the bible. According to How to Read Literature Like a Professor, “Even those who aren’t religious or don’t live within the Judeo-Christian tradition may work something in from Job or Matthew or the Psalms.” (Foster, 43). Authors often refer to the bible because it is common ground for everyone, everybody can relate. He strived to protect Bear through the cross as well, adding him to the list of people he wished to protect when he prayed. Crispin may have never worked up the audacity to protect those at Bear’s tavern without guidance and fortification from
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