Ally Condie's Crossed Literary Analysis

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When reading a book such as Crossed, by Ally Condie, readers often notice elements that make the connection to the story deeper. Having knowledge in elements from the chapters “Every trip is a quest (except when it’s not)”, “Geography Matters”, and, “Is That a Symbol?” in Thomas Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor For Kids makes for a richer experience when reading Ally Condie’s Crossed.

The first element from How To Read Literature Like A Professor For Kids found in Ally Condie’s Crossed is Chapter one, “Every Trip Is A Quest (Except For When It’s Not)”. Cassia runs away from her original home and does everything in her power to find her true love, Ky. Cassia explains, “Ky is heavy in my mind, deep in my heart, his palms warm on my empty hands. I have to try and find him” (Condie 60). Cassia is on an airship that is headed for one of the outer villages, in hopes to find Ky. Cassia experiences very strong feelings for Ky
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After Cassia eats a blue tablet, she starts to feel sick and even. After she starts to have very bizarre thoughts and hallucinations, Cassia asks herself “Where are these thoughts coming from? I wonder, and then it hits me. I’m sick” (Condie 159). Later, after Cassia and Ky meet up, Ky explains, “The blue ones are poison. Did you take any?” (Condie 199). Cassia taking a blue tablet and becoming very sick is a symbol of the society wanting control. The Society advertised that the blue tablets replenished food and drink in an emergency, when it actually kills the person slowly; the Society’s way of eliminating problems, or people who go against their ways. The Society planned every single thing possible to ensure that all threats to them are taken care of. If they weren’t wanting to control so many things, then they wouldn’t have things like the blue
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