Analysis Of Dadi's Family

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A traditional extended family living in Northern India can become acquainted through the viewing of the film, Dadi’s family. Dadi, meaning grandmother in Hindu, lets us explore her family up close and personal as we follow the lifestyle the family encounters daily. The family deals with the span of three generations and their conflicting interpretations of the ideal family life. Dadi lets us look at the family, but the film opens our eyes, particularly on the women, in addition to the problems they face. The documentary inspects the women 's battle to secure their status in their family through dealing with a patriarchal mentality, the women also attempt to exert their power, and through it all, we become familiar to Dadi, the manager of the family. Having a daughter brings sadness through some families as they know the struggle their daughters ought to face. Compared to males, their life is much harder as the experience of being a female is more a burden than anything else. There is no day off being a woman in a household, either being a sister, daughter, daughter in law or mother in law there is always a task assigned to you. In Dadi’s family, Dadi supports this claim as she describes being a woman as being an inferior caste. Being a woman includes being submissive and being able to work hard in a household for the family, as Dadi also expresses. Dadi shed light on her experience when she was once a new daughter-in-law. Women were to cover their face from father in laws
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