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In Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale achieves his goal of ways in handling people, make people like you, how to have people agree with you, and be a leader. Dale’s first achievement he made was how to handle people. He did this by not making people feel bad. I can see how this makes sense. I love feeling good inside like someone just lit a light inside me, making me glow with joy. It makes me want to do more to get that feeling. So like doing my chores and routines and getting praise. Now I can just imagine what it could do if I went around making people feel important. I would have no trouble at all. Another way he handles people is by being honest with appreciation. I can work on this by looking…show more content…
He practices this by smiling. Something Dale quotes in this book is that “The expression on one’s face is more important than the clothes they wear.” I like this quote because it talks about if you think of a rich man, he probably has a smile on his face, but that is not always the case when you walk by a rich man. He could be smiling or frowning. It is the same when you talk about a poor person, except in your mind he is probably frowning. Every day you should try to smile gladly to everyone. If you cannot seem to smile, think of happy thoughts and force yourself to smile. Another way to make people like you is by talking about what other people are interested in. When you are at home and a boring business man comes in. Do you want to talk about his business or would you rather talk about trains and planes? Well, I would rather talk about trains and planes. They are more interesting, more than a five hour long talk about someone’s business. So if you want someone to help your business then you need to start to talk about the other person’s interests first. Last but not least, Dale made people like him by making people feel important in a friendly way. All through life you had the feeling of wanting to be important. Like in a play you would want to be the main characters. The thing is not everyone can be a main character. So, if the director wants everyone to be happy, the best way to do it is to persuade them or tell why their part is so important in a friendly way. You would have the best play

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