Analysis Of Dandelion Wine

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Ray Bradbury is the author of Dandelion Wine and presents his ideas effectively to deliver his message to the audiences as intended. The book is set in the 1920s in the Green Town, Illinois a fictional town and the book is widely based on the author’s childhood. Moreover, the author based his creative work from the short story Dandelion Wine written in the Gourmet Magazine back in June 1953. The novel is full of hidden language, and the reader must be very keen to fully interpret the meaning considering that even the title Dandelion Wine serves as a metaphor for packing all the types of joys of the summer into a single bottle. The story widely revolves around a twelve-year-old boy Douglas who came into realization he is alive, and he stars to rejoice in the beauty of everything around him. Besides, Douglas makes Dandelion Wine with his younger brother Tom and his grandfather which represents the beauty of life he is living now. This assignment will attempt to examine various aspects of this novel. Question 1 Douglas Spaulding can be described as the protagonist in this story since most of the events of the summer are seen through his eyes both at times of joy and sorrows. Being the main character of the novel, he can be described as imaginative considering that he has a vivid imagination and a compassionate nature despite being young. In the story, the author says that Douglas needs new sneakers neither because he wants to look good nor because last year’s pair is out of
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