Analysis Of Daniel Akst's Essay What Meets The Eye

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In the essay What Meets the Eye, Daniel Akst argues that look or beauty does matter in the daily life, that is, people’s life can be largely influenced or even controlled by look. Through reading Akst’s essay, I completely understand how people have different perspectives of others, as many people pay attention to and worry about how they look in the daily life. And people tend to judge others by their beauty or looks to a large extent. Akst’s ideas quite conform to and reinforce Paglia’s points that pursuing and maximizing one’s attractiveness and beauty is a justifiable aim in any society, and that good surgery discovers reveals personality. Both of them hold the idea that beauty plays an important role in people’s life and it is significant to enhance one’s beauty and attractiveness. They both explain interestingly and reasonably what …show more content…

It is known to us that there are many people who are born genetically large, while there are many fat people who choose to be casual to have large-scale meals every day. As for the latter kind of people, it is their choices that make that decision that they prefer to be obese rather than to be in shape, which thus loses their own attractiveness. Therefore, facing the choices of being a model or being obese person, I would choose the model without doubt. Meanwhile, after reading Akst’s essay, I notice one problem that people who always try to make others feel guilty for preferring attractiveness often acquire little fortune in the life. Those who always complain about how to objectify positively are the people who have never been objectified for beauty. So Akst says that to all the girls that think they are not fat because they are not a size zero. Also, in the office, a man wearing a suit might be more professional than a person wearing flip flops, jeans or shorts. The latter person is just the less fortunate person in the

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